triphop, electronic, trance, drum & bass, rock, pop, jazz

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Gudrun Roos – vocals
Tom Moons – production skills

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Electronic Music duo, based in Brussels, Belgium, featuring the production skills of Tom Moons (Thomas Moon) & the stunning voice of Gudrun Roos.

Producer Thomas Moon and jazz singer Gudrun Roos combine their 2 very different, interesting musical backgrounds and incorporate their musical skills.

In their homestudio they create a psychedelic sound of hypnotic beats and dreamy vocals.

Using synthesizers, voice effects, electronic guitar riffs and adding elements of cool jazz, rock, trance and drum & bass.

Angström makes music that touches the heart, transport you to higher atmospheres and brings you in a dancing mood!

Angström released their debut album “The echoes of my mournful song” in february 2017